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Illinois Communities Report Harm

from AT&T U-Verse’s “Channel 99” PEG System


From the time AT&T rolled out its U-Verse cable system, PEG (Public, Educational, & Governmental) access channels have been treated in a subpar and discriminatory manner in violation of the Illinois Cable and Video Competition Law of 2007.  AT&T’s “Channel 99” submenu system has been a great source of controversy for PEG channel operators.


AT&T initially claimed that its U-Verse delivery system was technically unable to deliver PEG channels in a manner equivalent to commercial channels. In 2008, Illinois NATOA (National Association of Television Operators and Advisors,) commissioned an engineering study to see if this was indeed true. The study proved AT&T’s claims were unfounded.


To follow up on its earlier research, Illinois NATOA recently generated a survey of members that operate PEG channels. The survey asks a series of questions about AT&T’s PEG channel carriage and service.  Nearly 40 communities in Illinois, most in the Chicagoland area responded.  Respondents noted complaints in three key areas:  the inability to find PEG channels, difficulty surfing between channels, and the inability to record PEG channels.


AT&T’s violation of Illinois law continues in relation to its carriage of the public’s channels.  Illinois NATOA will continue to gather results and responses from its members for submission to the Illinois Attorney General, the agency responsible for enforcement of the law. A copy of the member survey and the 2008 engineering report can be found on the Illinois NATOA website -


Since 1983, IL NATOA has been a professional organization of municipal and county staff and officials, organizations, and technical and legal advisors serving the citizens of Illinois through the development, regulation, and administration of all aspects of wired and wireless broadband communications. We are a regional chapter of the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA).